Basement Waterproofing Prairie Village KS

One of the most problematic spaces for a home is the basement. 98% of all American homes face basement water damage at least once in their existence.

These rooms are prone to a buildup of moisture and water leaks, which can become dreadful for the homeowner. It is best to avoid these situations by hiring a professional waterproofing contractor to ensure a continued dryness. There is no single fix for all your basement problems because the process depends on the type and severity of the damage.

Signs you need immediate basement waterproofing


A musty smell is the first sign of an overdue waterproofing procedure. The smell is due to a buildup of moisture in areas without enough ventilation or excess leakage.


Excess moisture will cause the growth of mold in as less as 24 hours. Mold is terrible because it feeds on organic substances and will make the wood susceptible to rotting and structural damage. Mold can spread through the air and colonize other spaces throughout the home.


Chronic flu


The presence of mold is already a precedent for flu-like symptoms. The entire household will be at risk of developing the following signs:

  • Red or itchy eyes

  • Skin rashes

  • Wheezing

  • Sneezing

  • Fatigue

  • Headache


Water stains


An old or faint stain is just as bad as a new one because they are a sign that water has found its way through your basement at one point. Mr Basement is your safest bet in finding possible leakage or incorrect repairs that will jeopardize the cellar.




Basements have metallic parts that will show signs of water damage over time. A basement with plenty of exposure to high humidity or water will have rust on all the exposed metal.




The walls will have a white or chalky deposit when water evaporates due to the minerals that remain when the leaking water evaporates. You might notice a sparkle of the deposits when you turn the lights off.


Bowed wall


The underground has more exposure to the shifting soils in the surrounding. The forces become stronger when water seeps through the ground. The best method to prevent the problem is to analyze the alignment of your wall, for any signs of unevenness.


Types of basement waterproofing




There are several ways to waterproof a basement from the inside. These include:

  • Concrete seals

  • Silicone-based sealing

  • Installation of sheets to catch any water that drains through the drainage panels

  • Waterproof paint




These methods are the most expensive and tend to be more effective than the counterpart. They have a more invasive process that quickly unveils the inner layers of the wall. Exterior waterproofing can use internal methods and is best for a home that is particularly prone to moisture.


Which method will suit your home?


Several factors determine which waterproofing method fits your needs. Our basement waterproofing in Prairie Village KS will begin by assessing every single chance of water damage to learning the optimal procedure.


What determines the cost of basement waterproofing?


Basement size


Most contractors determine the size according to the linear footage of the basement. The final price depends on the procedures he may have to apply to the entire linear space. Some contractors will have to clean up a lot of mess from a basement that did not have prior waterproofing, and probably remove the drywall and flooring to find the precise water sources.


The home’s age


Most homes built after the 60s are easier to maintain. They have a footer that adds strength to the foundation and allows the water tunnel to direct water to the right footer. These drainage systems cost approximately $45.

Older homes usually lack a footer and will instead use fast track drainage for the concrete floor. The drainage may have more expensive drainage, of approximately $60 for each foot.


Can you reduce the costs?


It is entirely possible to reduce the cost of basement waterproofing in Prairie Village KS when you work with a contractor who can inspect the entire perimeter of the home. The contractor will install drainage systems in only the necessary areas, and use the existing sump pump; it is in excellent condition. You will need our professional help to determine the requirements of these spaces before continuing the project.

The simplest way to save money is to ask the contracting firm enough questions about your particular waterproofing project. Research about the different options on our site and let us help you make sense of each one as we recommend the most affordable and effective solution. Contact us now for a quote and other related inquiries on (816) 800-1574.

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