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Your foundation is a crucial part of your home. It provides lateral stability for the structure, reduces the load to a level that the soil can withstand, and provides a level surface on which you can put up a substructure. Your foundation ensures that your property is stable and does not sink into the ground or flood. It’s impossible to have a safe home if you don’t have a properly constructed, dried, and waterproofed foundation.

At Mr Basement, we offer a variety of foundation and basement related solutions. We provide clients with waterproofing, drying, and repair services. Our goal is to make sure you have a house that is comfortable and safe to live in. We believe that a dry basement in Prairie Village KS is a great way of ensuring your home is strong, sturdy, and safe. We have highly trained, experienced, and bonded technicians who have a deep understanding of the local construction industry and are adept at drying, repairing, and waterproofing foundations.


Our Foundation Drying, Repair, and Waterproofing Services

At Mr Basement, we offer the following services:

  • Drying

If you have a damp basement, you and your property are at risk. Moisture seeps into the foundation and basement and can affect other parts of the house, such as the drywall. Dampness also encourages the growth of mold and mildew in your home. Mold spores can affect air quality and cause respiratory problems. At Mr Basement, we offer unsurpassed dry basement services in Prairie Village, which will ensure you do not face the above issues. Our skilled technicians will identify the cause of dampness in your basement and come up with an effective solution to dry it completely.

  • Foundation Repair

When the soil around your home gains or loses moisture, settles, had high or low moisture content during construction, or your house has a building pad that was poorly compacted before construction, they can result in foundation problems. Signs of foundation issues include doors and windows that stick, uneven floors and cracks in the foundation.

Cracks in your foundation and basement can also cause flooding in your basement as they let in water. At Mr Basement, we offer dry basement and repair services. We have specially formulated top of the line solutions to repair cracks and prevent further damage to your property.

  • Waterproofing

Moisture in your basement can damage your home. Besides, many of the common foundation issues and basement leaks are not visible to an untrained eye. Also, they can intensify very fast. That’s why it’s crucial to call us for a free assessment to determine whether you need basement waterproofing in Prairie Village.

Highest Level of Waterproofing Services

At Mr Basement, we work with clients in Kansas to provide high-quality waterproofing and repair services. Our technicians are dedicated, skilled, fast, and experienced in coming up with innovative solutions specific to your home waterproofing needs. If you’re looking for a premier dry basement in Prairie Village KS, contact us today on 816-800-1574 for a free quotation or assessment.


Why Choose Mr Basement


When looking for a basement contractor with an excellent reputation, you never have to look any further than Mr Basement. Read our online reviews and testimonials to see how we are meeting the needs of our customers, then call us for free advice. We can offer you an exceptional customer experience when you hire us to waterproof your basement, with guaranteed results for true peace of mind. Don't let another company convince you there are no long-term solutions to your flooding problem; call us to set up an at-home meeting to find a permanent fix for your basement.


Your Project: Phase Two


Owning a home with a dry basement means you'll have more space to enjoy. Once we've resolved the issue of standing water or moisture in the lower part of your home, you can resume your dreams of finishing your basement, creating a home office, family rec room, or spare bedroom- the sky is the limit when you suddenly have additional living space.

Compare the affordable cost of achieving a dry basement in Prairie Village, KS with the costs of building an addition onto your home and you'll begin to see the affordable nature of our services. Why expand outward and reduce the size of your yard when you already have space inside of your home that is not being used to its full potential? Make a call you'll be glad you made- reach out to Mr Basement with your questions today.

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