Foundation Crack Repair Overland Park KS

 As a homeowner, when you spot issues with your house, you can make repairs promptly to ensure that they do not become serious problems in the future. When dealing with your home’s foundation, it’s essential to talk to a professional if you suspect that there is a problem.

Foundation deterioration can compromise the structural stability of your house. In fact, if your foundation fails, your home might actually collapse. If your property is experiencing foundation cracks, settling, or shifting, we can help. At Mr Basement, we’re a reputable company that offers unsurpassed foundation crack repair in Overland Park KS.

5 Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repair

Here are five signs that your home requires foundation crack repair:


1. Cracks in the Drywall

If you find cracks in your drywall, it might be a sign of a problem in your foundation. Even if the cracks are minor, you should get in touch with us, and our inspector will help determine whether your foundation isn't entirely sound. The biggest challenge with cracks is that they can increase in size in only a short period and cause further damage to your house. Our technicians will do an inspection and determine the type of basement crack repair in Overland Park, KS, you need.

2. Cracks on the Floor

If you notice cracks in the basement floor, there may be an issue with your foundation. As such, it’s advisable to contact a professional as soon as possible. Our technicians at Mr Basement will be able to find where and what the problem is and fix your foundation. We are one of the premier foundation repair companies in Kansas, and we ensure you have a safe home.

3. Water in the Basement

If there is water in your basement, it might be an indication of foundation issues. A rise in groundwater, for instance, could crack your foundation and seep into your basement. At Mr Basement, we offer top of the line foundation waterproofing to ensure that the space remains dry. Dampness can adversely affect your home and the people in it, and that’s why we have created ideal foundation waterproofing solutions.

4. Uneven Floors

Shifting in your foundation can make your floors uneven. If you notice a change in the gradient, you need to have your foundation assessed. Uneven floors are hazardous for little children and older adults. Calling us for a free assessment will ensure that you get foundation repair near Overland Park done fast and efficiently.

5. Doors and Windows That Stick

If you find that some of your doors are crooked and will not open properly, there might be an issue with your foundation. Settlement can cause a foundation problem hence sticky doors and windows. When that happens, get in touch with us. We’re one of the best foundation repair experts, and we’ll diagnose and resolve any issues with your foundation.

Going the Extra Mile

At Mr Basement, we provide unbeaten foundation repair services for all our clients. Our team has on-job expertise and can handle any problems with your foundation. If you are looking for foundation crack repair in Overland Park KS, contact us today on 816-800-1574 for a free quotation or assessment.


We Guarantee Results


When choosing a concrete contractor for your home's foundation repair, look for a company that can offer you 100% satisfaction with their services, and a guarantee to back up their promises. When you hire Mr Basement, you'll have the added peace of mind that we have your total satisfaction as our goal, from the very start. We won't settle for the premise that your project is too big or too complicated for us to resolve; rather, we'll look for the right solution to your unique foundation problems, and we'll provide a permanent repair.


Choose Value Over Cost


Don't be surprised to learn that the best value is not always the cheapest cost. At Mr Basement, we believe providing real value to our customers means going above and beyond what another contractor would do in the same situation, and staying the course until we've found the right way to address foundation problems. Our commitment to providing the best value means you won't have to worry about additional foundation problems in the future or that the work we've performed will fail over time. Rest easy knowing we have your budget in mind, as well, while we work on your foundation.

Call our office for over-the-phone advice or to request an at-home meeting with our team to inspect your residential foundation for cracks or damage.